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2a) Organic Luxy Locks conditioner

Luxy Locks is an organic silky-smooth natural hair serum that protects and restores shine to hair. This natural leave in or rinse off hair conditioner helps prevent split ends, frizz and tangles.

Formulated with certified organic Argan and Jojoba oils. This potent formulation also contains precious all natural Vitamin E, not the mixed or synthetic version.

Luxy Locks is fortified with a blend of essential oils that are especially beneficial for healthy scalp and hair folicles as well as dandruff control. 

Argan and Jojoba oils contain natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids that will condition your hair and protect it from natural pollutants and heat damage from over styling. These fatty oils will strengthen your hair all naturally, without using mineral oil derivatives or silicone compounds that end up leaving heavy residue.

Applying Luxy Locks to damp, just washed hair and before blow drying will protect your precious locks from the stresses of over heating and over styling.

The organic essential oils of Rosemary, Lavender and Peppermint are all healthy scalp boosters. Healthy folicles and scalp is the key to healthy hair.

Free from artificial fragrances, petrochemicals (silicone and PEG compounds) and parabens.

Available in 100ml frosted glass bottle.


Jojoba oil*, Argan oil*,Natural Vitamin E (Tocophero), Essential oils of Rosemary* Lavender* Clary Sage *

*Denotes certified organic


Shake well before use. Orli Luxy Locks doesn't contain any emulsifiers so a little shake will do it good.

For a scalp treatment, apply a few drops on to your fingers and massage into clean or just washed scalp. Leave overnight.

Apply a few drops on to damp hair before blow drying or styling. This will protect your hair from the heat.

Apply a few drops to damp hair or dry hair, paying particular attention to the ends and gently comb through. Leave on.


We believe that skincare should be made in small fresh batches using natural, organic and scientifically backed botanical actives.

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