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Hi, I'm Jo. The founder of Orli and of course its biggest cheerleader. I hope you'll join me on the journey of Organic Living (ORLI).

Orli was created out of a passion for nourishing our skin in the same way as we nourish our bodies. We are natural beings and thrive on real nourishment from natural sources, NOT from synthetic chemicals. 

We have created a range of organic personal and skincare products that's practical, multifunctional and nutrient dense. All made from plant based ingredients. 

Here's our belief list:

1. Every drop counts. Every single drop of skincare or personal care has to go towards nourishing and repairing your skin. No cheap fillers and band aid fixes for skincare.

2. Small, manageable, multifunctional range as shopping should not be overwhelming. Our products are safe for any part of the body and any member of the family above 2 years of age. Most of our products can be used in many different ways. We've done the research and formulated a range that suits all your skin's needs.

3. Beauty should be light on the planet and light on your wallet. Beauty should not jeopardise the health of our waterways and the environment. Top quality ingredients don't come cheap but they don't have to cost the earth either.

4. Small batch productions to ensure most of our dollar is spent on what goes INTO the bottle instead of big marketing campaigns outside of the bottle.

5. A duty to empower women of any age to love their own beauty...the beauty they are born with. Orli's perception of beauty is not about anti-ageing. We want to spread the philosophy that true beauty is healthy, intelligent and kind.  

6. Beauty can generate beauty and at Orli we are going to use it to spread a little kindness. We pledge 5% of retail or wholesale profit to Opportunity.org.au

The Ingredients promise:

1) We use certified organic ingredients....even though they cost so much more. Our formulations are plant based, nutrient dense and super natural. 

2) ALL our products are free from petrochemicals, SLS's, mineral oils, PEGs, nanoparticles, parabens, fillers, carmine, artificial fragrances and silicones.

2) Raw materials are cruelty free, not tested on animals and planet friendly. 

3) Safe and natural preservatives only. We use Parfum (Naticide) which is a vegetable derived broad spectrum preservative and only natural Vitamin E (tocopherol) to prevent rancidity.

4) Affordable. Orli products don't come with a huge price tag. We believe natural and organic should be accessible.

5) We choose to use glass packaging where possible as glass is infinitely recyclable. Where it is impractical to do so, we use recyclable PET bottles.

 We'd like you to join Orli in its mission to nurture and treasure natural beauties of any age, colour or form. We are using beauty to create beauty and we hope that we can make a positive impact on the planet one individual at a time.