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8. Organic Healthy Deodorant

An amazing bi-carb and aluminium free roll on natural deodorant with epsom salts, aloe vera, witch hazel and a blend of pure organic essential oils.

Allow your skin to absorb the goodness and therapeutic benefits of magnesium. Epsom salts and the mighty Tea Tree, Rosemary and Sweet Orange essential oils work hard to eliminate odour causing bacteria. The blend of essential oils also provide a subtly refreshing unisex scent

Organic arrowroot flour helps absorb some amount of sweat. Note: this is not designed as an anti-perspirant because we believe that sweat is GOOD and we should not clog our under arms but allow it to detox freely.

Organic aloe vera gel and witch hazel extract are calming and soothing to the skin.

The Orli Healthy Organic deodorant is convenient, efficient and effective. It has a beautifully natural scent that will appeal to both him and her; perfect for the whole family including teenagers who want a fuss free method of applying effective natural deodorant.

Available in toughened glass 30ml roll on bottles.

Purified Water, Witch Hazel Extract*, Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate), Arrowroot flour*, Aloe Vera Gel*, Essential oils of Tea Tree*, Rosemary*, Sweet Orange*, Parfum (Natural Vegetable derived Preservative).

*Denotes certified organic

Shake well before use. The magnesium may form harmless salt crystals on the roller ball that can be easily brushed off. Use frequently.

We believe that skincare should be made in small fresh batches using natural, organic and scientifically backed botanical actives.

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