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Getting to know you

Posted on November 20, 2015 by ORLI

Hi, I'm Jo, the one (of many) who brought Orli to life. My journey has been amazing and I'm eternally grateful to so many people who have helped me make Orli possible. Orli is a journey of belief, hard work, and good karma. Most of all it's about trusting the path and being a little brave. I share a slice of what interests me...every now and again in these journals. It's a little peep into what motivates me and gets me up in the mornings - aside from good coffee of course.

At the core I'm nature loving ~ pragmatic ~ curious with a love of life and an inclination to help others.

In Orli, this translates to a constant hunt for truly natural products and being able to showcase those gems in a way that's beautiful and fuss free. Products in beautiful packages are always a bonus but my focus is always the ingredients and what's inside. Beauty has it's place but I like facts, science and evidence... so for me it's fun keeping up with the latest research on ingredients; fully aware that natural doesn't always equate with good. It's healthy to be open minded and skeptical.
I often find shopping; especially of the online variety, frustrating and overwhelming. Hence Orli doesn't carry many brands. We are about sourcing products from people who are equally passionate about sustainability and affiliating with businesses who have a similar vision of nurturing, nourishing, respectfully and naturally. The story and the vision behind the brand will determine the quality of the product. I have to confess to having a soft spot for boutique, small batch brands. 
Loving nature equates to loving life. Always curious with a thirst for knowledge and eagerness to investigate new things and places. That being said, I believe in anchors and I stay loyal and close to those. I'll share my discoveries and perspective on wellness, recipes (who doesn't like food? ), people (can't do without them) and the wonders of our planet. "