Green bowl with black beans and poached egg - ORLI

Green bowl with black beans and poached egg

Posted on March 28, 2018 by ORLI

Green bowl with black beans
Yesterday's dinner is today's green bowl. These are the ingredients I used but anything you can find in the fridge and particularly leftover form a wonderful healthy bowl with the addition of eggs and black beans. 
1. Fresh baby spinach
2. Blanched green vegetables
3. Organic canned black beans
4. Bean Sprouts
5. Organic egg
1. Assemble all the vegetables into sections in a bowl
2. Boil about 4 cms of water in a deep pan. Turn down heat once it bubbles until only tiny bubbles show
3. Break egg into a bowl
4. Use a chopstick or a spoon and whirl the simmering water in the pan.
5. Gently pour egg into the water whilst water is still swirling.
6. Gently swirl a couple more times until the egg envelopes the yolk.
7. Cook until just done. This will only take a minute or so.
8. Gently use a slotted spoon and remove egg from simmering water. Slide on to green bowl.
9. Sprinkle pepper, cayenne pepper and salt. 
10. Enjoy!