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Energy speaks louder than words

Posted on September 12, 2016 by ORLI

energy is the force that speaks louder than words orli natural and organic life and beauty blog

No matter how what we wear, how much attention we put into our looks or what we say it's our energy that people pick up on. We can't FAKE energy. Our energy speaks volumes more than the words that we say or clothes that we wear. 

Our bodies have an innate ability to pick up on energy and vibrations...if we allow it to. Sometimes the distractions of life, over-thinking or over-analysing hinders our ability to sense energy. 

Energy is a form of intelligence on a different level that is far more sophisticated than words or body language. Anyone who has a pet will be able to attest to their amazing ability to sense, feel and KNOW what their owners are going through. 

the power of energy orli natural and organic skincare and beauty life blog

What we feel and think is projected in our energy regardless of the words that we speak or the body language we project. Awareness is being able to pick up on different energy and to 'see through' people to a certain extent.

Energy is the magnetic force that draws people to you or away from you. When positive energy and actions are in alignment the universe starts to open up and amazing things start to happen.

People disengage very quickly from beauty that's only skin deep. Beautiful energy on the other hand; captivates and out lasts one dimensional superficial beauty. It's inner beauty that holds longevity and lifetime charm.

So let's think good, speak good, do good and FEEL good. Put out to the world the kind of energy you want to receive. Our lives and our planet thrives on good vibrations.

This short video clip is a great example of an amazing human being who has always embodied magnetic sexy energy. Sting is NOT classically good looking but his music, lyrics and VIBE speaks volumes. His words are a reflection of his positive, progressive and mindful energy that is boundlessly captivating.  These snippet sums up why he is the epitome of a man.