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Eye cream essentials

Posted on April 29, 2017 by ORLI

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Eye creams are basically moisturisers that are formulated specifically for use on the fragile skin around the eyes. Eye creams will not erase wrinkles or lines but they do help slow down the formation of new ones by providing the eye area 'just enough' moisture. The soothing ingredients of a good eye cream can also help combat puffiness and formation of dark circles. 

The skin around the eyes differs to the rest of the face. It's much thinner and does not house oil glands that produce moisture. Further the skin around the eye sits right on top of the muscle making it more prone to wrinkles as it moves each time we move our eyes or make a different facial expression.

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A common condition around the eye area is puffiness due to the build up of fluid from allergies and sinus. Dark circles are another feature caused by an already thin epidermis becoming thinner over time; showing up the underlying veins. The highly sensitive eye area is usually one of the first to show signs of sun damage, sleep deprivation or premature ageing from smoking.

A good eye cream should moisturise without being greasy or heavy. If your face moisturiser is mild and light then it's probably fine to use it around the eyes too. However if your moisturiser is rich with active ingredients or heavy in texture it can cause a build up of small white bumps under the skin.

Eye creams should be mild and low in allergens such as artificial fragrances. They are usually formulated with ingredients that  reduce appearance of puffiness or dark circles. 

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Eye creams often contain antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin A, which promote collagen production. Peptides are commonly added to smoothen and thicken the skin. Ingredients like Chamomile and calendula are soothing and help reduce under eye puffiness. Creams with Vitamin A are best used at night as it can cause photosensitivity during the day. 

When applying eye cream, it's important not to tug or massage the fragile skin. Use a quick and gentle dabbing motion with your 4th or little finger to apply.

Our picks of eye creams are:

1) People for Plants eye cream. This formula contains kakadu plum (one of the richest sources vitamin C) , calendula and chamomile.

2) The Little Alchemist Anti Aging eye complex formulated with Vitamin A, peptides and COQ10.