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Meet Anita Steward of Bronzed Hunnyz Tanning - the safer way to tan

Posted on June 18, 2016 by ORLI

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Our feature small business health and wellness personality for June is Anita Steward from Bronzed Hunnyz Tanning. If you're looking for a safe tan, Anita is your person. Anita's Bronzed Hunnyz Tanning uses only certified organic products. Here she tells us what to look out for in conventional spray tans. Anita also shares her passion for supporting small business and offers locally made spray tan garments. 

When & what motivated you to start your business?

I started my business just last year. I just love spray tanning, I always have. I love the boost that it gives people. For me it’s all about that feeling when you wake up bronzed, like magic I always say, you feel amazing. I love sharing that. When people look in the mirror once they are spray tanned their face says it all, they feel more confident, that’s what I love about my job!

I’m passionate about sun safety too & I wanted to offer people an alternative to damaging their skin in the sun to get a tan. But it has to be a believable tan, that’s what it’s all about!

I had often thought about starting a spray tan business but was uncomfortable with the chemicals in conventional tanning solutions for clients and myself, so I started searching for a safer, natural alternative. Once I found the right product there was nothing holding me back & I was pleased to discover natural products that actually create better results too!

What are in conventional tans & how is your business different?

People often choose spray tanning as a safer alternative to cancer causing sun tanning but the truth is the chemicals used in many solutions include nasties like parabens, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, synthetic food colouring, artificial dyes & more. This is really concerning for me, because our skin is our largest organ and we know that what we put on it can be absorbed into our bloodstream. That’s too much chemical exposure for me, especially for regular tanners.

There’s controversy about the word organic too because currently companies are allowed to call their product organic but it may actually only have one organic ingredient plus a heap of synthetics, obviously that product is no longer truly organic. I use products and solutions which are ‘Certified Organic’ which means something very different. This means they need to meet strict standards & importantly can contain ONLY organic and natural ingredients & absolutely NO synthetic ingredients.

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Have people responded well to your business?

Yes! My business is only new but is growing from ‘word of mouth’ people love that my tans look so natural & I often then get their friends who have seen their tan & want one too! I am excited to offer something different & people say they love that I put my whole heart into it & I’m proud of that.

I think people love the personal service & feel comfortable with me & that’s important. Clients aren’t worried about asking questions because if they message my business page or call they know it’s me who responds, not whoever answers the phone or responds to messages. When they book a tan its always my face they see & when they read my facebook & Instagram posts they know straight away that it’s me!

Who does your own tanning

My husband! I have trained him myself!

Where is your business based & how long does a typical tanning session take? does it get messy?

I have a tanning salon at my home in Stanhope Gardens in Sydney. I also offer mobile tanning in local areas. I also stock the Ecotan range of Certified Organic bodycare & home tanning products and locally made spray tan garments.

A typical first tanning session with me takes 20-30 mins because I feel it’s important to connect with & talk to clients about their needs, concerns and any questions they have & ensure they are comfortable. Subsequent sessions are quicker with about 15-20mins.

It’s not messy. When I do mobile tanning I bring my tanning tent and towels and am careful to not leave any mess.

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Are you passionate about supporting small business?

Absolutely! I have met so many other beautiful small business owners since starting mine, they are so passionate about what they do, just like me. I love supporting them all, especially when they are just getting started. I will never forget the amazing support & encouragement people & other small businesses give me. Together we really can do amazing things.

My spraytan garments that I have available in my salon are made with love by a local business too. I took time to source these from a great local business.

How long does an organic spray tan last?

My Certified Organic spray tans will usually last 7-10 days depending on skin, preparation and aftercare. My clients will tell you I am passionate about teaching them how to care for their tan to make it look better & last longer. My certified organic tans have the benefit of fading more naturally, rather than looking patchy because they don’t stain the skin with synthetic dyes like conventional tanning products.

What are your future plans for your business?

To keep building and growing & to keep educating people about Certified Organic tanning, sun safety and checking ingredients in the products they use on their body.

Do you personally use only organic or natural skincare and personal care products?

I am slowly but surely changing everything! I think once you start reading labels and studying their ingredients you can’t stop! When I started my business I was introduced to Certified Organic bodycare products & I now use these myself daily. I have met lots of new people in the natural health/beauty industry since starting my business & have learnt a lot, I’ve made a lot of changes, including bodywash, moisturisers, hand wash and soaps & cleaning products but I’m always learning more. I am currently trying to find the perfect natural makeup alternatives.

Are you also careful what you eat ie organic, chemical free?

Yes! I choose chemical free and organic products where I can and continually learning. I thinkthat people are starting to think about chemicals more and make changes, I think it’s really important.


We love that Anita is another kindred spirit that shares our passion for natural, safe products and supporting small business. For more information, head to Anita's Facebook page and instagram feed @bronzedhunnyztanning.