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Meet Lisa Guy creator of Bodhi Organic Teas

Posted on May 13, 2016 by ORLI

This month's Orli personality is Lisa Guy. Lisa has been a naturopath for 16 years, author, resident nutritionist for Body and Soul magazine and recipe creator for EatWell, Wellbeing and Nurture parenting magazine.  

Her mission is to help people achieve optimum health and lead healthier, happier lives through a good diet. Lisa firmly believes that good wholesome food is the foundation of good health. As a mum of two girls, she has a soft spot for supporting both women through pregnancy and children's health and nutrition. 

Lisa is adding to her many hats with her new chapter as purveyor of fine teas. She is the founder of Bodhi Organic Tea, a premium herbal tea company with a beautiful collection of certified organic, loose leaf teas that are formulated to promote optimal health and wellness. The teas are made in Australia and the ingredients are sourced from organic farms locally and around the world. 

We love Lisa's scientifically researched and informative approach to sharing recipes for both food and skincare. She shares a wealth of recipes and information on her websites, blogs and books like this mouth watering raw cacao orange cake for example which can be found on her Bodhi Organic Tea site :)

lisa guy cake recipe for orli

Her concise Healthy Skin Diet book is full of scientifically proven natural skincare tips from what to eat to DIY skincare.  Here are just a couple of many super easy examples 

Avocado face scrub

1 tbsp oatmeal

1/4 ripe avocado

1. Mash ingredients

2. Apply and massage into skin. Leave for 10 minutes

3. Rinse off with warm water. Follow with a face cloth.

4. Splash with cold water to close off pores.


Green tea toner

Brewed organic green tea

A few drops of essential oils

1. Place brewed green tea in fridge to cool down

2. Add oils to cooled tea and place in a bar or bottle

3. Apply to cleansed face before moisturiser.

We told you it was easy!! 

body organic tea orli, green tea mask orli

Now for the quick Q and A

Orli : Out of all the methods of treatment/assessments which fall under the naturopathic framework, which  would you say is your specialty area? 

Lisa : I absolutely love treating babies and children. I’m a mum of two myself and natural medicines such as herbs, specific nutrients, and homeopathic remedies, work just so beautifully for treating children’s health issues. I see a lot of children with digestive problems, eczema and allergies, and lots of mums with fussy eaters needing nutritional advice. I also specialise in treating adrenal fatigue, anxiety and sleep disorders. A large percentage of the people I see in my clinic are unfortunately overly stressed, and as a result have adrenal health issues. 

Orli : Have you seen a shift in people’s attitudes towards complimentary medicine in the last few years?

Lisa : Complementary medicine is definitely becoming more mainstream now. Once people experience how powerful and effective herbs, nutrients and healing foods can be they are converted for life. I work closely with some really wonderful medical practitioners who are very pro complementary medicine - this is the best way to help our clients - working together. 

Orli : When did you first enrol in  naturopathy and what inspired you to follow that path? how long have you been practising naturopathy for? 

Lisa : I’ve been practicing as a naturopath now for 16 years. I’ve always had an interest in eating and cooking healthy foods from a young age. Health and nutrition books were always my book of choice. I also wanted a job were I was helping people. I really love my job. It’s so rewarding being able to help improve someones health and quality of life. It’s a great feeling. 

Orli : Do you think it’s necessary to use natural supplements even if one is in seemingly good health? Isn’t a healthy diet and good health sufficient? 

Lisa : A healthy well balanced diet is extremely important for good health. However busy modern day life (kids, working long hours, not getting enough sleep etc) places extra demands on the body, so supplementation is a good idea to help reduce the impact on our health. Stress can be difficult to avoid for a lot of people, this is when it is important to support your health with adrenal tonic herbs and nutrients, like a good quality B vitamin, along with a healthy diet. Pregnancy is also a time were the body’s nutritional needs increases dramatically, and it is difficult to meet these demands through diet alone. Certain cooking methods and non-organic farming methods can also reduce nutrient content of foods. 

Orli : You have so many amazing skin recipes in the Healthy Skin Diet…do you use your own DIY skincare? Where do you find the time to prepare healthy food, make your own skincare and look after the kids? 

Lisa : Sure it can get pretty busy in our household sometimes, with running a clinic, starting a herbal tea company and having two kids. Cooking healthy meals though isn’t something that has to be too time consuming. Steaming up some veggies, or tossing together a salad with a piece of salmon is quick and easy. I always say to my clients cook more so you have leftovers for lunch the next day and then freeze some for dinners during the week. I’m lucky my husband is a really good cook, so we share the cooking. With regards to making my own skin care. This is something I like to do with my girls. They love making up face masks, body butters and lip balms with me. So we make that a fun activity we do together. 

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Lisa has a wonderful gift and she has been using it to help people with anxiety, post natal depression, adrenal exhaustion, little fussy eaters and couples who have difficulty conceiving.

Her clinic; the Art of Healing is  based in Sydney's eastern suburbs. A huge bonus of a consultation with Lisa is the fact that you'll be loaded up with lots of delicious recipes and healthy meal suggestions.

We can't wait for her to officially launch her certified organic Bodhi Organic Tea Range; with irresistible names ..... 'tranquiliTEA', 'sereniTEA' and 'vitaliTEA' just to name a few. The teas are currently available for pre-orders online.  Click here to browse.