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Exfoliating naturally - Getting it 'just right'

Posted on May 28, 2016 by ORLI

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Why exfoliate? Our bodies are continuously producing new skin cells.  As we age the process of cellular turnover slows down, leading to dull skin and clogged pores. Exfoliating helps removes old dead skin cells and promotes the regeneration of new cells.

Sloughing away the build up of dead skin; clears up pores; allowing the skin to maximise the benefits from good quality natural skincare. Exfoliation also stimulates blood circulation and oxygen to your skin. 

How to exfoliate? Quick and rigorous is not ideal. Vigorous scrubbing can break your skin and lead to irritation, redness and breakouts. Opt for a gentler massage using circular upward strokes. Put in a little more time but a little less pressure on your skin. It will love the attention. 

Your whole body; not just your face benefits from a gentle scrub. Areas that benefit the most from exfoliation are face, neck ,elbows, back, legs and heels.

Body scrubs are usually different to face scrubs. Whilst your body can handle the texture of salt scrubs, the granules in face scrubs should be a lot finer and gentler.

A critical step after exfoliation is to moisturise. Moisturising helps to calm and soothe the skin. Using a good natural moisturiser or organic serum delivers much needed nourishment to the newly exposed skin cells.

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How often to exfoliate? Once a week is all your skin needs. Exfoliating too often can lead to excessive sebum production which can result in breakouts and irritation. Over- exfoliation can also upset the acid balance of your skin making it excessively dry or oily and susceptible to spots.

What's a good exfoliant? Natural of course. Refrain from using plastic micro beads as it chokes our oceans, rivers and lakes. The environmental problems that are caused by non-biodegrable plastics is a real threat to our eco system. Microbeads are particularly threatening to marine life as they tend to ingest those plastic beads.

There are natural alternatives to plastic microbeads such as granules of plant derived waxes, fruit, nut shells and seeds.

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 Our recommendations for natural face exfoliants are :

1) Blossom's organic face exfoliant made from bamboo granules that are highly sustainable, planet friendly and kind on your skin. This exfoliant provides a very finely textured scrub.

2) People for plants organic face scrub formulated with aloe, pink grapefruit and garnet. It's a gel based formula that is very gentle on your skin. 

Our favourite body scrubs are Saltie Soul's range of natural sea scrubs. They are great for all over body use. Their recipe of Australian and Dead Sea salts infused with coconut oil and hints of botanicals; provides both nourishment and exfoliation to your skin. 

Happy Scrubbing!