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Your skin 'eats' so feed it well

Posted on February 29, 2016 by ORLI


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Skincare is much like looking after your body. You want to keep it clean and well nourished daily and occasionally help it detoxify. 

Approach daily natural skin care as you would everyday food. Much like you body, skin only needs a detox every now and again if it's looked after properly. It's what you do everyday over a period of time that matters so it's essential to incorporate good skin care habits into your daily rituals.

A basic daily natural skin care regime  should consist of a cleanse, tone and moisturise; morning and night. If we place importance on eating chemical free and nutritious food then we should approach skin care with the same philosophy.

Think of it as our skin 'eats' most of what's applied to it. It's our largest organ and absorbs a high percentage of what's applied topically on it. Nicotine patches and certain medications are effective because they can be 'ingested' and absorbed by the skin. We know that in order to keep healthy, we should stay away from heavily processed foods filled with preservatives and synthetic chemicals. Similarly, our skincare should be all natural, free from parabens, synthetic chemicals, harsh preservatives and heavily processed ingredients.

There is no argument that we should be eating a wide variety of foods in order for our bodies to obtain the vitamins and minerals necessary for it to function healthily. Our skincare should also incorporate a broad spectrum of botanicals to maximise the benefits of a wide range of different antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to achieve optimum skin health. Different brands have their own unique formulations using specific botanicals. Mixing and matching these natural skincare brands will provide your skin with maximum nourishment.

There is research for and against mixing different brands. The argument against mixing lies with the risk that different chemicals can interact in a way that could have adverse effects. However that is more the case if synthetical formulations are used. Therefore it is important to use all natural ingredients for our skin. Give your skin the benefit of the widest possible variety of natural nourishments in your daily cleanse, tone and moisturise ritual. Think of it as a feeding the skin with a salad, full of different colours and textures bursting with a huge variety of good vitamins and minerals. 

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Our bodies benefit from mixing up both our food intake and exercise routines. Our bodies plateau if we continue to do the same type of exercise. It is important to incorporate a variety of cardio, strength, sprint or stretching workouts throughout the week. The same theory applies to skincare. It can get 'used' to the same formulations. To give our skin the most effective care, mix it up with a variety of different natural brands and change it about every few months. 

We've made it easier for you to incorporate variety into your skincare routine by putting together different combination of essential packs. No two brands are the same in the natural pack collection. This ensures your skin is exposed to at least 20 different botanicals in your daily morning and night ritual. Once you are done with one pack, be sure to try out different pack to mix it up even more.

The natural face packs collection are suitable for most skin types. We have put together recommended night packs to account for potential photosensitivity in the event that a sunscreen isn't used but most packs can be used night or day and for most skin types. Night packs also typically contain a make up remover cleanser.

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 We hope you experience the benefits, joy and convenience of using these nutrient rich packs. Shop our collection at: