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Meet Kim Holmes from the Healthy Little B

Posted on March 06, 2016 by ORLI

Kim is a busy wife, mother of 2 and a qualified nutritionist. She juggles those acts with great calmness and style. I suspect her secret weapon lies in her amazing organisational skills. She has gone from spending a decade as a flight attendant, to obtaining her bachelor of health science plus a qualification as a clinical nutritionist from the Australian College of Natural Therapies. 

She added a certificate in paediatric nutrition to her list of qualifications, after the birth of her youngest son. She feels a long way away from her past life as a flight attendant, working crazy hours and eating what she thought at the time was healthy food. Kim is undeniably passionate about healthy living and wants to share that with other families, to help them reach their potential in terms of living a healthy, balanced, yummy life.

Her mantra is "Think, real food, healthy home, activity, mindfulness and loads of cooking!". She believes that to help kids thrive, we have to first look at their health and nutrition.  



A few things Orli really wanted to know about Kim....... 

1) What’s the secret to finding the time to cook good food when we as mothers are juggling kids, work and everything in between?

Oh yes, I get asked this often! I would have to say preparation is the key. I am always thinking about the week ahead in terms of meals, lunchbox items and healthy treats. On a Saturday or Sunday (as well as going to the markets/ shops) I write a small meal plan for the week, nothing set in stone but a general guide for our family to eat well that week. I will also roast some veggies, make a batch of our bliss balls, a large jar of our favourite smoothie and chop veggie sticks for the week. Sounds time consuming? It isn’t. Whilst you have items in the oven, prepare the other things. Really time poor? Grab a free-range (organic even better) roast chook for the week or some lovely preservative free turkey for sandwich fillings.

2) How do you ‘make’ your kids eat a broad spectrum of food? Most kids have such a minute selected of food that they want to eat?  

Again, another great question! A lot of the hard work goes in early (listen up mums with small kids!). But failing that, it is never too late to get children to eat healthy food. Involve them in the process; take them to the growers markets or plant a small veggie garden (on our to-do list this year!) or start with a simple herb garden.

Eat as a family when you can. I am finding what works really well is sitting down together & enjoying ‘shared food’. Veggie or chicken taco’s with fresh sides (guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, cucumber, corn) – a fav with my kids. Also, don’t be shy or scared to try new foods, be patient. You never know, your fussy eater might just surprise you if you offer a new food each week. Persist slightly, but don’t bribe or create negative habits. Enjoy food and as your kids get older, you can educate them on the benefits of healthy foods and what ‘sometimes’ foods are.

This year we are planning to take the kids to a farm stay so they get a taste of where real food comes from.

3. You are obviously a pocket rocket, not an extra inch to spare …what do you do for exercise?

Genetics ...No, well maybe sort of! I do love to be active. I was a little bit of a tom boy at school & loved sports. Exercising daily (even if it is only for 20-30 minutes) is always part of my day. I have a great trainer once a week, where we do a 30 minute session involving high intensity interval training, weights and core work. This is not negotiable; I love it and I am challenged each week (keeps me on the ball!). On top of that I do another couple of small group core/ cross circuit 30 minute classes in the week. I think it is great to get your heart rate up and have a good sweat! Weekends I love to get outdoors and go for a long walk or do a yoga class.

4. Do you let go at all i.e. have some indulgences :)? 

Of course! As the busy weeks draw to an end, I love to enjoy a cold glass of rose in summer or pinot in winter. Couple this with a gorgeous cheese platter; I am one happy Mumma! We also have a gorgeous Italian restaurant close by with authentic Italian food. Most weeks we are there. Life is too short not to indulge; 80/ 20 I say.



Kim is a strong believer that we have to eat our best to achieve that healthy glowing skin. Your skin reflects your health and its important to nourish from the inside out. She prescribes a diet of unprocessed, fresh food and whole foods because foods in their most natural state are abundant with nutrients that are essential for great looking skin.

Here is one of Kim's skin food recipes

~ Beauty-ful Salmon Salad with creamy avocado dressing ~

This simple salad is packed full of nutrients for healthy glowing skin. Think good plumping, hydrating fats & brightly coloured salad items full of antioxidants.

You will need for the salad:

  • 1 fresh salmon fillet (baked in oven then flaked) or if you are time poor, 1 tin of red (sockeye) salmon
  • A handful each of shredded red & white cabbage, spinach leaves, shredded carrot & cucumber
  • Roasted chunks of beetroot & sweet potato (I usually do these in a big batch on the weekend, ready for the week)
  • Finely chopped herbs of your choice (I like to use parsley, mint & coriander)
  • 1/3 cup chopped walnuts

And for the dressing:

  • 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons dijon mustard
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • ½ a ripe avocado, mashed till creamy
  • Sea salt to taste
  • Pop all in a glass jar & shake till it all comes together


  1. Pop chopped salad item in a bowl, add flaked salmon pieces
  2. Toss through dressing
  3. Top with walnuts
  4. Serves 2
  5. Enjoy!


Kim's abundant energy is testimony to her healthy living and the buzz that comes with doing what you love.

The healthy litte B offers:

- nutrition consultations which includes email support, recipes and handouts

- pantry makeovers and shopping tours (how amazing would this be?). This involves offering healthier alternatives to your pantry staples, recipes and developing a weekly shopping list 

- nutrition and well being writing. Kim's writings have been published in Body and Soul and Mums on the Go. She is also the resident nutrition and wellness blogger for a number of organisations.

Kim uses the following items from the Orli store;  Earth yard argan oil, adorn's eye shadow and Erica Brooke's spot stick.

Visit Kim at | @thehealthylittleb ..Kim would love to hear from you.