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Perfectionism #Part 1 - the perfect excuse

Posted on September 05, 2016 by ORLI

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Perfectionism is considered by some to be a positive trait but has a very dark side. Perfectionism can be crippling, stifling and all-consuming

The idea that things have to be perfect is a huge obstacle. It can stop people from starting new ventures, trying new things and taking the initiative. Often people don’t progress or make any headway simply because they too caught up in the detail and obsess over how not-quite-perfect their project is.

From an image perspective, obsessing over having the perfect look results in wasted time spent in front of a mirror, focusing on minor blemishes and touching up make up. When that still doesn’t achieve the desired results, the temptation is to succumb to more extreme measures like cosmetic enhancements.

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We are NOT born perfect. Nothing that is real and organic is perfect. We should not expect perfection from everything and we certainly should not expect it from ourselves. The key in life is to thrive in spite of the imperfections in us and around us.

Striving to be excellent and good and something is very different to obsessing over perfection. Some people don’t start projects or get stuck when it becomes apparent that perfection ultimately won't be achieved. Perfection can be the ultimate excuse to leave things unfinished or unexplored.

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Expecting perfection from one’s self sits on the opposite side to self-acceptance. It takes away from all the fun and possibilities in life. The main thing is to give it a go, start something and complete it. Put yourself out there. Time spent trying to be too perfect robs precious minutes, hours and days from your life. Self-acceptance is about reconciling to the fact that we are not and will never be perfect but…. that’s not going to stop us

There’s something incredibly wonderful and lovable about people who ‘show’ their imperfect sides. Showing vulnerability is key to drawing people and forming meaningful relationships. It really is about letting down the perfect veneer. Most people can see right through the veneer anyway. Imperfection is far more unpredictable and interesting

embrace imperfection

It’s important to tell our children that they are NOT perfect but they ARE special, unique and most importantly....loved. Let’s teach our children that it’s ok for things not to be perfect as long as their actions and efforts come with the best possible intentions.

Focus on living life and on giving things a go - not on imperfections. Worrying about a flawless complexion and the perfect thighs provides zero benefit. It’s a huge effort to achieve, impossible to maintain and simply detracts from all the things that matter in life. Perfection can be limiting and fear inducing. It takes all the fun out of living. Don't give in to perfection and just get on with real door-opening, joyful living.



Ps Here's a youtube video by the inspiring Brene Brown, which embodies how showing our vulnerabilities and imperfections makes for a happier life