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The positive choice

Posted on September 09, 2016 by ORLI

positivity is a choice orli natural and organic skincare blog australia's NOT something we 'are' or something we 'have'. Positivity is a CHOICE that we make everyday in any given situation.

I CHOOSE positivity because it allows me to see beauty and solutions instead of imperfections and problems.

We all find ourselves in 'crap' situations. Situations that make us want to crawl under the covers and never get out. It is so tempting to say 'life sucks' or use the word 'I hate..' which is precisely what Negative wants us to do. However the moment we stand our ground and say 'sorry Negative, I'm going with Positive'.. everything changes.

There is a burst of energy, a determination and clarity. That simple decision shifts your mind and amazingly shifts your body in the process. The earlier inertia of wanting to stay under the covers quickly dissipates. It IS that powerful and it IS that simple.

Positivity is my best tool when I need to crawl out of deep dark holes. It is my best weapon when I seem to be encountering my own worst enemy...myself. Positivity always finds a solution. Positivity is reliable and it's always on hand. I simply have to choose it.


positivity be positive orli natural and organic skincare and beauty australia

Being positive is like wearing a polaroid lens. Everything is enhanced and I see so much more beauty through this lens. Why bother with negativity when its lens only colours the world a constant grey. Both negative and positive lenses are at your disposal. You simply have to make the choice. 

The only downside to being positive is that it can really grate on someone who is negative. Negative simply can't perform it's usual cynical wicked party tricks in the presence of Positive. It's so annoying to Negative that eventually it just has to party somewhere else.

Positivity is the magic carpet ride that takes you to places that will broaden your mind. It will be full of bumps, twists and turns but if you are willing to work with it, it is the most beautiful journey of your life. Negativity does not travel. It keeps you close and contained in a tiny miserable space where it can exert maximum control. 

positivity will take you places orli natural and organic skincare and beauty australia

Negative has a very strong pull. Unless we choose positive, negative almost always dominates. I've always been amazed at how this theory was mathematically taught to us at a very young age:

positive + positive = postive

positive + negative = negative

negative + negative = negative 

It's a no brainer. Get out of the negative hole and call for the magic carpet; strap on your seat belts, put on your positive polaroid sunglasses, take a few deep breaths and enjoy the ride.